Kyle Matas New York is an audacious, disruptive, luxury brand, based in New York City, founded by the brand’s namesake in 2015. Being a millennial, and disenchanted with the lack of innovation and relevance to popular culture in menswear, Kyle Matas designed contemporary mens accessories for a previously underserved demographic. With every collection, he proves that luxury, can be both affordable and accessible, staying true to the ethos of the brand - inclusivity over exclusivity. His unique designs, walk the fine line between art and fashion, classic and modern, while pushing the boundaries of creativity and functionality.   

The brand not only satisfies a niche in menswear, but also provides the perfect gift solution. When a generic mens accessory, just won’t suffice, top the gift of love and appreciation with a bow that says it all !  From a glamorous new years eve party, to an exhilarating prom night, to the auspicious moment one says I do, KMNY accessories were specially created for life’s most unforgettable moments, and built to stand the test of time as a family heirloom.

There is inherent power in our accessories. Some see it as rebellious, sexy, original and avant-garde, but in all cases it plays the seduction card and leaves no one indifferent. Whether looking to break the codes, to lead the way, to renew or rediscover the pleasure of wearing a bow tie, or simply to be the talk of the party, our unique jewels will make you stand out on any occasion in a blink of an eye.    

Hand sculpted from precious metals, blown Murano glass, and natural crystal, each piece is uniquely original and truly a work of art. All our products, come brilliantly displayed, in a contemporary, custom made acrylic case and packaged in our signature, animated lenticular gift boxes, creating the most outstanding presentation.

Each piece is concise in execution, and aesthetically in flux, providing an interactive experience. Inside each gift box, there is a light activated video monitor which autoplays an editorial video, when the cover is opened. A personalized video recording / photo montage, can easily be added, by simply uploading, via the included USB cord. Interactive QR codes, with embedded links to special content, can conveniently be scanned using any smartphone or tablet. Additionally, all our online sales platforms, feature touch screen, 360 degree product images and videos, and in store, rotating and levitating displays, all redefining the retail experience. 

The eventual goal, is not to build a brand, but to create a lifestyle, one which celebrates people, who are unapologetically unique.   

Kyle Matas New York, is a trademarked name, and all our products are patented or patent pending.